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Happy (Late) Birthday Rachel (TobyandMavisforever) by ThomasLionelEngine1 Happy (Late) Birthday Rachel (TobyandMavisforever) by ThomasLionelEngine1
Tuesday November 10, 2015, Coordinated Universal Time

The title says it all.  
I planned this as well, though I'll admit that the incursive hand-writing is not my best.  This maybe a bit late, though it is made for a good user I liked, made just for her on her birthday with her OC character called 'Song Cue'.  Rachel B. :icontobyandmavisforever: (TobyandMavisforever).  Wow!  Three portraits of three girls on their birthdays in a row.  Sweating a little...  I got to take a break from doing this for people as a surprise gift of giving.  This maybe the last time I might do something like this for other people for a while, until later on in life next year.  I needed a break from here for a while to focus on my videos for youtube.  


If you're seeing this Rachel, depending on the universal hours and time in Australia, I wish you all the best and a special Happy (late) Birthday from all your friends here and outside YouTube & DeviantArt.  Hug When I first met you on YouTube a few years back, you seemed to be a very kind happy girl in your old videos when doing a character's line recording for videos and auditions a while back.  Your voice indeed is marvelous when acting out as a T&F character from the past, and present.  To this day, I respect and understand the changes and improvements you're doing these days now.  I wish to know you as a close friend.  You're still a very kind and cheerful person, be who you are, and don't let others put you down.  I wish you a wonderful (late) Birthday.  Have your cake and eat it too

    Sincerely, PJ M./LionelThomas200 (ThomasLionelEngine1)


Let me just say for the record that I don't like taking interests into Brony things like :iconthomasfanforever: Jerome and anyone else on or off the internet.  Infact, I don't know much or understand the show and the elements of the characters.  I once only seen like a couple of episodes to see what the big hype is for the improvements of the series marketing.  Yet, I still don't get it, and I didn't much enjoy it.  True there were some little bids of funny humors, and good touching moments in some episodes and scenes, though it still didn't capture my interest.  When I heard about the show turning into a humanized form twice in a row in two movies in 2013 to 2014, I check out a few clips from the trailer, yet no interest but condfusion and questions racing my mind around.  I had to use photo references from other DeviantArt users to get the full and perfect character look for your OC character 'Song Cue'.  Here are the links as credits to them as guided help, for this fluttershy pony:………

Original Reference Base Source:…

I don't quite understand this, but I do hope that this is the way your pony character is to look in human form.  I'll admit that my take-on to this drawing is the best one and good improvement I've done for two nights and today.  Let me say, this isn't the first time I did this for someone, recently this year I've been requested to do a video with these two weird pony characters called Fluffle Puff and Chrysal one time by the first person I kept on talking to and gave the first DA birthday gift to was by a friend name Ashleigh.  However, regardless, she's no-longer a friend to me because of a recently personal experience event occured to me at school once, and we stopped talking to eachother but get into conflicting arguments eversince.  She asked me to do a video tribute to those two ponies, which cost my time to work on one of my Thomas anniversary videos (in titled to the Billinton E2 base turning 100 years old this year) to completely stop and caused it to go absolutely nowhere afterwards.  That's what I mean about "the only time", and I don't even understand or get those two female characters either. 

Plus, I really don't like how people decided to do a crossover shipping with the ponies on Sodor.  That's one of the things why I don't like MLP FIM.  I've seen the same thing with Sailor Moon, Ed Edd N' Eddy, Ivo the Engine, Five Nights at Freddy's, and other related fan-works as well that took me in condfusion.  Sorry, but it's just the way of how I am.  Unless there's like a better solution for a good chance in any reason as to how they the characters can meet and come together in any formate of a proper crossover, then it can be an acception in writing.  Though, there is a good chance that all upcoming future ideas that I planned out in mind for a crossover series will have the better inlightenmint elements of all-coming together crossover will sort out and show of what I mean about, and how I think it in a way soon.  But I can't explain it just yet until sometime later on in life, as it's still being developed in concept writing and sketching.  

In anyway, sorry if some of this description dosen't make sense or if I said too much that might have offended your hard creation fan-work Rachel, it's just something I felt like needed to be said for certain viewers.  Yah, it could sound boring if that's the case of what I'm explaining.  I respect your own opinions, and decision choice beliefs for your ideas with ponies, Sudrians and crossovers, etc.  It's fine the way they are, I understand you.  However, I won't dwel on it too much, it's your special day.  A day and a tribute to you entirely.  Once again, I wish you a Happy (day-late) Birthday Rachel.  


Leave a compliment of what you think.

    If you have any questions about this or anything else that you're curious about the image you don't understand, feel free to ask me.  But please keep in mind that whatever other topics you want to discuss with me about that isn't related to this art, image or selfie, do not post any other random comment about another topic on here.  Only post that sort of a comment topic on any of the other uploads of mine and not here.  I will keep posting this up on every other future photo, art, etc. just so you'll remember to understand this rule.  

    Also, no rude remarks or insults about me or TobyandMavisforever.  If so by denying what I'm saying, you'll be blocked and have your comment removed from this page.  

Song Cue is respectfully Ⓒ Copyright by :icontobyandmavisforever: TobyandMavisforever and Created for MLP fan work inspirations of 2015, All Rights Reserved.

This Photo was made and is Ⓒ Copyright and Private Property by me AND a gift to Rachel B. :icontobyandmavisforever: for only sharing, NOT to sell, copy or download by anyone else.  
sailormoonlover132 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
OMG idk wat to say just it wow just wow
ThomasFanForever Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
Looks very Nice!
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